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Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is a branch of direct marketing based on building a mail list by generating leads and establishing a relationship between the prospects and the brand. However, the ultimate goal of e-mail marketing is to generate sales and turn leads into loyal customers. Also, costs are lower when compared to other marketing techniques. Sales are generated by indirectly or directly promoting offers or encouraging subscribers to visit the site via personalized e-mails sent to people on the list.


What can we offer

Responsive e-mail design

Our carefully crafted e-mail templates are responsive and convert well. We are well aware of the fact that people are using mobiles and tablets more and more and we’ve optimized the content for every platform.

Automated e-mail marketing

We use automated e-mail marketing software to effectively target your e-mail list at certain hours when they are most likely to click and buy.

E-mail copywriting

Subtle psychological copywriting techniques are what our copywriters are good at. Well-crafted copywriting equals increased website visitors and sales.

Personalized e-mail marketing campaigns

An e-mail marketing campaign should tell a story. The content, design and frequency are in-line with company goals.

Creating and implementing campaigns

Maximizing your business performance with carefully targeted campaigns based on your target market’s interests.

Regularly updating the database

We regularly check our client’s e-mail databases to make sure that they are up-to-date.

The process

Newsletter creation

We design newsletters to fit the company’s visual identity.


Delivery testing

Prior automated testing is done by the delivery system to make sure that e-mails arrive in the inbox.


E-mail delivery

E-mails can be immediately sent or scheduled at certain times when users are more likely to click.


Detailed reports

Reports contain information regarding open-rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, most clicked-on links etc.



We anticipate digital trends and offer innovative solutions for you to succeed in the online world. Our clients are our partners.


We find creative ways to grow your business.


We love what we do and excel at it.

Flexibility and adaptability

Key factors of business success.

Integrated solutions

We provide integrated marketing and web development solutions.


Attention to detail and efficiency are key values that drive the company forward.

ROI-focused solutions (Investment Recovery Rate)

Implementing agreed solutions and optimizing them to meet the set goals.

Solid Partnerships

Long-term partnerships with clients in our portfolio.

Integrity and transparency

In developing our relationship with the clients.

Results from the first day

Effective marketing solutions that bring remarkable results from day one.

Periodic Performance Reports

Reporting the progress of each project and analyzing the results obtained.

Free Audit

Free auditing sessions to evaluate and optimize marketing strategies.

Over 10 years of international experience

Smart marketing and software solutions for competitive international markets.


Our Results

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