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Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most effective communication mediums for businesses all over the world. The main social networks where your business should be present on are Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Youtube and Pinterest. With over 2 billion active users in 2017, Facebook holds the majority market share, while Youtube comes second with 1.5 billion users. Thus, ignoring this huge channel would be unwise for your business.

The great thing about social media is that you give users the opportunity to interact and identify with your brand. Using the right social media strategy, users on certain platforms can be redirected to your website and converted into customers.

As the old SEO adage affirms that “SEO is king”, the equivalent in the SMM (social media marketing) world would be “Audience engagement is queen.”


Social Media Strategy

The research and analysis process will provide us a clearer image of your business and social media opportunities. We will then develop a detailed strategy according to your business needs.


Paid campaigns can provide excellent returns of investment if the right choices are made. We can help you identify the ideal customer through effective targeting and narrowing down via split testing.


Creating an editorial plan with varied and compelling content is an essential step of any social media strategy. We know what works and do just a little bit more to keep your potential customers engaged and active.



More opportunities

Regardless of the niche you’re active in, odds are that a big part of your potential customers use social media daily. If you want to be a notable player in your niche, your social media presence is important because it shows that people trust you. Every post you make is a new opportunity to send traffic back to your site and get people talking.


Higher ROI

People would rather buy from other people, not other businesses. Your brand becomes more humanized when it interacts with other people on social media and this has a positive effect on ROI. Also, a brand with an impressive social media presence makes people trust you more, thus boosting conversion rates.


Get people talking about your brand

People that follow brands in social media are more loyal to those brands. Encouraging discussion between and with potential or current customers adds to brand trustworthiness. Also, users can provide positive and constructive feedback, which will help you solve the problems with your product or service and improve overall customer satisfaction. User interaction and comment management are important aspects of online reputation management.


The sooner you start, the better

Social media is all about building relationships and growth is usually exponential, because of the people that follow you tell the people they know, who tell others and so on. Also, the time and costs involved in setting up and gaining a decent following is minimal compared to other marketing channels.


Overall strategy development

Paid campaigns

Content strategy development

Community management

Evaluation and reporting

Overall strategy development - Social media networks are quite different from one another, and some are better fitted for your business than others. Choosing the right social media networks for your business, determining the behavior and interests of your potential customers and the tactics involved in reaching them constitute the first step of the process.

Paid campaigns – Paid ads in social media are getting more and more popular because of high ROI and immediate results, whether you want to increase engagement, follower base or on-site traffic.

Content strategy development - Social media is about openness and transparency, and encouraging interaction within a community is one of our top priorities in social media.

Community management – A creative and unique content strategy communicates the values and message of the brand., helps form a homogenous community and maintain good reputation.

Evaluation and reporting – The evaluation and reporting processes are done using analytics that measure page engagement, campaign results and steps needed to improve future results.


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