Effective Affiliate Marketing Programs


Affiliate marketing is a performance-based form of marketing where advertisers pay affiliates according to how many leads or sales are generated on the advertisers’ site.


How does it work

Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient and profitable methods to increase a business’ sales. There are many affiliates in every niche, each with their own network of potential customers. A well-structured affiliate program can significantly increase sales and allow you to concentrate your efforts on other sides of your business.

The traffic sources used by affiliates vary, from Google Adwords, to Facebook ads, forums, blogs, large publications, cashback sites, price comparison sites, Facebook pages, e-mail marketing, and the list can go on and on.

What can we do for you

Crafting a personalized strategy based on the characteristics of your business and the needs of your customers will help you make the right choices.


Our way of doing things is 100% transparent. You continuously have access to information regarding promo methods used by affiliates that choose to promote your products or services.

Affiliate campaign management

Recruiting and selecting affiliates as well as maintaining a relationship with them are essential aspects when it comes to maximize results.

Cost efficiency

The main objective of any affiliate campaign is to maximize ROI and reduce costs. Affiliates are paid only when a sale is made. Thus, the impressions and visits that you receive on your site are free.

The affiliate marketing program creation process:

  • Affiliate network selection and account creation
  • Recruiting the right affiliates for the job
  • Verifying their profiles and selecting the right ones
  • Promo material creation that affiliates use to promote you (banners, news feeds, etc.)
  • Periodic communication with affiliates
  • Analyzing each of your affiliates’ performance metrics and keeping in touch with them
  • Periodic reporting of marketing channel performance



We anticipate digital trends and offer innovative solutions for you to succeed in the online world. Our clients are our partners.


We find creative ways to grow your business.


We love what we do and excel at it.

Flexibility and adaptability

Key factors of business success.

Integrated solutions

We provide integrated marketing and web development solutions.


Attention to detail and efficiency are key values that drive the company forward.

ROI-focused solutions (Investment Recovery Rate)

Implementing agreed solutions and optimizing them to meet the set goals.

Solid Partnerships

Long-term partnerships with clients in our portfolio.

Integrity and transparency

In developing our relationship with the clients.

Results from the first day

Effective marketing solutions that bring remarkable results from day one.

Periodic Performance Reports

Reporting the progress of each project and analyzing the results obtained.

Free Audit

Free auditing sessions to evaluate and optimize marketing strategies.

Over 10 years of international experience

Smart marketing and software solutions for competitive international markets.


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