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Reaching page one on Google, Bing or Yahoo is the defining factor of your online success. The traffic that you get from search engines is free and converts the most because of searcher intent.

Furthermore, reaching top positions in Google means that your business is trustworthy due to increased exposure and the idea that Google only ranks trustworthy websites.

And, last but not least, top positions in Google rankings for the keywords that your target market searches for is a firm proof that your business is one of the main contenders within the niche.


Why Smart SEO?

Because our optimization strategies are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-bound) and thoroughly follow Google’s guidelines.

Organic Traffic

Most websites are found by users via search engines. Google determines search results using a large number of factors including site age, the quality of its content, relevance, ease of navigation, number of links and many more.

Quality traffic

Growing your search traffic will lead to more sales.

High conversion rate

Ranking highly in search engines leads to more targeted organic traffic. This kind of traffic is switched on "buying mode" and is highly likely to convert.


Company reputation

Ranking highly in Google is a sign of trust, making people more likely to buy your product.

More clients

Organic traffic is a continuous source of potential clients and this leads to a significant increase in sales.

Brand awareness

A properly executed SEO plan will increase national and international brand visibility.

Market leadership

SEO and other online marketing strategies help you rise above your competition

Long-term approach

SEO is a long-term competition for the keywords that bring in the money. We help our partners reach the top and stay there.

SEO On-Page & Off-Page

What exactly does SEO involve? Reaching the first positions in Google is the end result of a cleverly formulated and executed SEO strategy. Think of SEO as a war between a large number of belligerents that are fighting for top positions in Google. We like to view the “SEO war” as a 4-step process:

Keywords Research

The first step is knowing where to aim so that the target is both profitable and within reach. We identify all the relevant and profitable keywords within your niche so that you don’t miss any opportunities to gain quality traffic.

SEO On-page

This step is comparable to “upgrading and calibrating your gun.” Google doesn’t just randomly guess what you want to rank for. The content on the website must be optimized around the keywords that you target (and you don’t do it by just repeating the keyword all over the place because that will get you penalized).

Link building

By far the most lengthy process of SEO and the main resource in the “SEO war”. Our link-building team is experienced and relies on the best practices to build a strong link profile using press-releases on authority websites, guest posts on niche websites, forum activity and directory submission.

Analizing and reporting

In the world of SEO, it’s important to “pick your battles” wisely and that means knowing what keywords bring you the best ROI. Monthly reports help us optimize conversion rates and search engine factors.


SEO Audit

We have the necessary experience and tools to help your website recover after a penalty caused by bad SEO practices. Identifying the main causes of the Google penalty is done using the latest SEO tools by analyzing every on-page and off-page factor.

Recovery following Google penalty

We have the necessary experience and tools to help your website recover after a penalty caused by bad SEO practices. Identifying the main causes of the Google penalty is done using the latest SEO tools by analyzing every on-page and off-page factor.

Did you notice a spike in your website’s organic traffic? Is your website lacking in organic traffic?


We anticipate digital trends and offer innovative solutions for you to succeed in the online world. Our clients are our partners.


We find creative ways to grow your business.


We love what we do and excel at it.

Flexibility and adaptability

Key factors of business success.

Integrated solutions

We provide integrated marketing and web development solutions.


Attention to detail and efficiency are key values that drive the company forward.

ROI-focused solutions (Investment Recovery Rate)

Implementing agreed solutions and optimizing them to meet the set goals.

Solid Partnerships

Long-term partnerships with clients in our portfolio.

Integrity and transparency

In developing our relationship with the clients.

Results from the first day

Effective marketing solutions that bring remarkable results from day one.

Periodic Performance Reports

Reporting the progress of each project and analyzing the results obtained.

Free Audit

Free auditing sessions to evaluate and optimize marketing strategies.

Over 10 years of international experience

Smart marketing and software solutions for competitive international markets.


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